Connect Fivez - Connect 5

Connect Fivez

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Famous and one of the most popular games ever with chat in it! The origin of this game seems to be in China and it is called differently in different countries. For example, in Japan the game is known as "Gomoku Narabe", in England simply "Gomoku" and in Germany it’s called "Gobang". You may know this game as "connect five" ("connect 5" or "five in a row") as it is the most widely-spread name. The rules of Connect Fivez! are very simple. Complete a line of 5 crosses or zeroes. A line can be completed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The player who completes the line first wins the game. So your task is to complete the line faster than your opponent. Chat online and master your skills playing this excellent well known game in multiplayer mode!

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